Roof Curb Appeal in 2016

March 11th, 2016 8:00 AM

Minneapolis and surrounding community homeowner’s know that curb appeal is the first step to creating an attractive home. Whether for your own long-term enjoyment or an upcoming sale, the roof is important feature to creating the look and feel of your home.

Our customers have been asking about designer shingles. Why? Because the designer shingle creates thickness—or visual depth than a single layer of tabs. I’m seeing more colors and options than ever before. Add the visual appeal with strong, long-term performance and you can see why folks are attracted. The higher end options will continue to grow and I’m happy to show those options, however, we all know sometimes cost is a decision-driver.

So, we can show you the whole range of options from standard to the more architectural. In the end, we want what is best for you.


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